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Phillip's Top Abandoned Spots in NYC

Phillip Weatherly is the main character in my novel, Triggers. As an avid Urban Explorer, these are some dormant locations in NYC that bewitched him and inspired his writing. 

North Brother Island

 Where "Typhoid Mary" was quarantined against her will and died in 1938.

City Hall Station

This was the first subway station in NYC. It was abandoned in 1945.

Staten Island Farm Colony

Where the destitute lived in exchange for farm labor. Built in 1898.

Harlem Renaissance Ballroom

Where Ella Fitzgerald would sing. Built in 1924.

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital

Built in the 1850s.

Redbird Reef

This one isn't in NYC. It's a place in the Atlantic Ocean that houses old subway cars. The fish swim inside of them.

Bannerman Island

Home to Bannerman Castle. Built in the early 1900s.

Graves in Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, and Bryant Park

These parks were built on top of mass graves.

Phillip's Top Abandoned Spots in NYC: Work
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